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Game Plan Tribe

Welcome to our digital wonderland, where the rules of the game are constantly rewritten. We are not just observers of change; we are the catalysts that ignite it. With our creative prowess and strategic vision, we transform brands into fearless pioneers, guiding them to embrace the unexpected and rewrite their own narratives.

Together, we design a game plan that mesmerises, captivates, and sparks a lasting connection with your audience. So, if you’re seeking a partner that understands the power of evolution and thrives in the face of change, you’ve come to the right place. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we plan the future of your brand, together.

Meet our Team
We’re a dynamic team of forward-looking innovators, enthusiastic storytellers, and strategic maestros,
on a bold mission to reinvent brands, redefine digital interactions, and drive businesses to unparalleled success.
Sahil Modi
Investor & Advisor
Aaradhya Khanna
Neeraj Doddamane
We’re working with

The core team comprises of advisors with extensive industry experience.
Sahil Modi, working as Partnerships Manager at Audiomob: #1 Global Audio Discovery platform. He has also worked as the Lead of Ad Operation, Indus OS while leading the monetisation operations of Indus App Bazaar. Neeraj Doddamane, working as Chief Strategy Officer at ShikshaLokam while catalysing education leadership for India. He also consults various startups in organisational strategy and leadership post his teaching fellowship in Teach for India.

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